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Poetry Magnum Opus

Angel of the Morning

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

angel of the morning



every word you whisper to me in your dreams

every fantasy you think i had of you

if i could just play your game where would we be?


sometimes lovers have their problems

if i called you my morning angel

would the wind blow softly on your cheeks?


as your tears fall silently to the ground

don't you know i am in love with you.


just you loving me darling is all i need

beneath your breath as you fall asleep,

so quietly in the evening hours.


just tell me you love me

call me your morning angel

then slowly the pictures of our lives

move over us like a romantic movie without an end.


if i am your hero of this crazy world

i would touch your cheeks before i leave

i know you won't beg for me to stay.


baby I am in love with you baby

you are my angel in waiting

and i am your knight that protects you

throughout eternity where time has no end.


you use my shield to protect you from all cares

as we fly on my horse Pegasus across the morning sky

this fantasy has to end eventually

as you my angel of the morning

wakes up in my arms

there is nothing more i need


just to call you my lover

before the dawn breaks

and you will be my angel of the morning

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Has almost a lyrical tone, despite no refrain -- my knowledge of song structure is VERY limited! Just FYI. :)


Obviously very heartfelt.

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