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Poetry Magnum Opus

for the reverent and reverand among us

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Contemplating today's sermon

that I could mount I pondered

a subject and in what respect

one jumped up like the vermin

up those "proverbial drainpipes,"

Respect indeed is what we need

a moral band of aid to salve the

wounds of a society's self-hurts

and its selfish brutish works that

each new TV show alerts us with

their utter dispossession of class

or semblance of dignity or any

disposition to accord a scintilla

of real worth to the specimens

they select for our delectation.

No the human zoo is open for

all to view the exhibits defecate

as animals are wont always to

do. If that's reality keep it out

of plain sight sweep away this

ordure, restore humanity order

please. Ah where was I oh yes

my Sunday sermon simply say

respect is all we really do need

that and sufficient to breathe

feed and breed as Beatles say

love is all you need

respect ...


respect your father and

your mother

your sister

your brother

each other

your fellow creature

the world

the clergy

the lay

the straight and

the gay

the buddhists

the good-ists

dare I say

the atheists

all goes you know to making goodee

and god, let's pray, with respect and love

good grass

which as you know one needs to make

hay ... good day!

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Ordure and order. Brilliant.


As to the rest: "And let the congregation say - Amen!" :)

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Frank E Gibbard

Thanks marti for appreciating a pun, some may groan, and thank you Tink. It flowed in the writing as happens if my danders up. Frank

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And three cheers for dander!

from the black desert

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This is the guide for a person who wishes to be simple , loving and respecting ........ traits of a gentleman .....


Brilliant poetry Mr. Frank ....... Honestly loved this one

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