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Poetry Magnum Opus

A day in the life of a Cashier


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Capitalism , you are ruthless

human's value , you know not

Capitalism , you are worthless

Good virtue , you know not

All you can value is money

People having hegemony

What's the value of human toil

What's the value of plough and soil ??

Money is your greatest symbol

That values here , relations all

A Bank is its repository

A place shrouded in mystery

Here is the man ! its guardian

Its entrustéé- custodian

Smithian -- keynesian

(but not from prosperous scion )

He who seems arrogant to some

He who seems vehement to some

He who seems to someone ;; dear

He is our mister cashier !!!


But ...... Sir ....

Before deciding , let me have a say

Handling cash is not my forte

I can handle people on the desk

That cash chamber is a place grotesque....

You are non performing .... generate no sale

Banking has to run on profitable scale

Non performance i cannot bear

That's why i force you as cashier


Alarm rings ! twanging sound from the bell

He wakes up as if back from hell

The hell he had been in yest'' day

He will return there -- o Dismay !

Cash ! Cabin ! Claustrophobia

keeps causing him insomnia

(( Recession ! , i better not sob

its better that i do this job !! ))

Petrified glance ! (at the small pouch)

that keeps causing him oohs & ouch

Assuring its safe custody

The cashier becomes ready

for his redundant job........


I am damn sure that boss will shout

tis too late already ( fat boss will shout )

Sir , my bike failed , twas not my fault

boss :::: ----You bufoon ! go and open the vault

That can cause giant companies to crash

Neatly bundled ... safely kept is the cash

Follow Guidelines and all circular

The quantum of cash should be regular

Any difference -- You will be liable to your exchequer

You are its guardian - care taker


S.o.d not done ! but people start queueing

For poor cashier there's no releaving

Work load ! washed ! tawny face

People look at you with frowny face

Come on ! we have other jobs to do

The cashier smiles with a clowny face

Dirty notes -- Smelly notes -- torn notes-- oiled notes

Scribbled notes - folded notes - roiled notes - soiled notes

Farmer's money - doctor's money - teacher's money

White money -- black money -minister's money -

Whole day who squabbles and wrangles for money

Cant take a single dime -- what an irony


Days is progressing -- usual lull

(( On this glass should i smash my skull ))

Ip messenger ! irksome technology

B/m in his usual pedagogy

Boss : Rohit ! your approach lacks endurance

Business is what i want -- sell insurance

Weekend deadline ! Try till you exhaust

Bring a policy at whatsoever cost ....

(( Although my approach might seem hazy

It does not mean that i am lazy ))

Cannot confirm also cannot deny

Sir ..... but ...... Sir ..... ok ..... I will try


Humid room .... A/c whirling at its full speed

Pungent smell - as if someone's smoking weed

This place is richer than one's belief

Cash keeps on coming ! there is no relief


Moist eyes ! Lumpy throat ! bombarded heart

Managing cash is not that easy art

Tally ! come on ! tally ! why's this shortfall

Let me check neatly transactions all

Debits are ok ..... credits are ok -- they tally

Yet why this mismatch -- this anomaly







Receipts - payments - transfers - remittance

All inspection done -- yet there is difference

Another case of shortfall in my docket

Ah ! yet another whack on my pocket

The cash is bundled - put back into vault

I was a victim of someone else's fault .....

Pay the cash or go ....... (to jail)

A month's salary i had to forgo


each day is furtherance of the past

this redundancy will forever last

but firmly now - i decide - i swear

Never in my life i'll be a cashier



Pouch denotes vault keys ...... a half of the full keys remain with cashier and half with the superior ops head

based on my own experience , working as a cashier .......

sod - start of the day ..... a feature for initialising the branch operations in finnacle banking software by infosys which powers most of indian banking sector bank transactions

Generally banking jobs in private sector in india involve cross selling ..... selling of bank's tied up products including life insurance , general insurance , mutual fund subscriptions etc .

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Very much Alan Ginsberg and Beatnik poetry. Fast moving, condemning, seems stream of consciousness -- until you read the rhyme. Carefully done piece.

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Wow jainrohit, The banking business sounds cut throat in this piece. Not far off from the insurance industry. A few years ago because banks started selling insurance it forced the insurance industry to offer banking services. With the company I represent, many agents do banking tasks now. I chose not to; the banking business for an insurance agent is not lucrative. Too much time spent for too little pay.


It is a sad tale you tell here. But I have to admit for such a long poem, I never got bored. It kept me into it all the way to the end.



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Interesting rhetorical piece and a topical insight of the pressures brought to bear on front-line staff who have to deal with the public.The ones who suffer most when cuts are made. There's much ado over here as banks are being fined huge amounts for mis-selling insurance products etc: though it doesn't seem to have touched many of the fat cats at the top who always seem insulated from prosecution.

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David W. Parsley

Fascinating combination of insight and wordplay!


- Dave

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Thanks sir for taking out the time to read this one ..... a poetic and slightly rhetoric description of a real one day of my work life

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