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Poetry Magnum Opus

Being and Becoming


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Being and Becoming


A proverbial Chant:


I’m becoming a poem

observed and in color

the disheveled figure

pacing back and forth

who catches the eye


Topographic illumination

of a humanized vista

details of ivy vines

wild hemlock

or distant ducks

attributions guiding

to reasonable rest

resonating delineating

a well directed scene

with deft certainty

our destination lacks


At once a young human

learning basketball from his sister

while in the distance

a pickup game resonates across the park

with shouts and hoop vibrations

and a well intentioned father

unloads a bucket of baseballs

his internal compensations demand

a bright yellow Hummer to violate

the budding leaves

of an uncertain spring


Angel wings appear

dark and threatening

around an oblique sun


A moment not unique

in the long nowness


The clarity is disconcerting

as we are consciously mad

figure and ground

flicker indistinguishable



Calling all Watchers wherever you are


always present but distant

peer through my eyes

pretend they are yours


I may be the Object

but this game is subjective

always Being and Becoming

all differences illusion

erased and reclaimed.

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How very timely, with all the recent news (Boston, Seattle)


The clarity is disconcerting

as we are consciously mad


I really like this BIG choice:


wild hemlock

or distant ducks


Just really inventive. :)

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I feel a wandering off course in this, but maybe that was your point - being and becoming.





from the black desert

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