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Poetry Magnum Opus


Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

The other day

was Earth Day

every day is an

Earth day that's

to say makes a

World and in its

very worldiness.


Life written in the

DNA within us all

which forms the

clay of the humble

ball of rock where

we humans tumble

around in oceans

of galactic space

a crumbling living

place led by those

inclined to bumble.


We must not leave

these f's to stumble

with the big E for

all our worth as it

means the Earth

to you and me.

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Cleverly worded to espouse a universal view. For me, the second stanza puts us in our place. Admire.

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If only it were mere bumbling by a few . . . wouldn't it be easy . . .

from the black desert

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David W. Parsley

I like the grousing, rather than despairing, tone of this, Frank. Holds out a kine of whimsical hope.



- Dave

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