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Poetry Magnum Opus

Q -- a homonym tritina


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I was teasing badger11 that his posted "Q" beat me to it, so he changed his to "La Porte de l'Enfer". My "Q" is fluff. I was just playing around with homonyms, the tritina form, and some English allusions & imagery. Enjoy in the spirit in which it was written.


"A. Pope" = Alexander Pope. Martha was a friend, or mistress -- depends. Charley was King Charles II, the restored monarch after the Protector Oliver Cromwell. Skegness is a rockin' resort town in the east of England! Kew is a royal botanic garden.




I'm none too swift. I always need a cue

Even just to join a very long queue

Like those at Skegness, even those at Kew.


I think it was A. Pope who wrote on Kew

And King Charley's dog. He needed no cue:

Alex had only Martha in his queue!


I wonder what guys would be in my queue?

Would I prefer those from Skegness or Kew?

That's a moot point: I still need someone's cue.


Just give me a cue for the queue at Kew!


February 2013

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Hilarious! Made me smile from end to end.;-)




Smiles ARE what I was hoping for. Glad you enjoyed.

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I definitely believe your Q was more justified than mine :smile:


I thank you for your deference.

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