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Poetry Magnum Opus

thoughts to father a wish


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a metronomic rain

of wake-fed conversation

guinness and port wine

filigrees and spanish lace

cold winter faces

of white handkerchiefs

that cede to a reluctant spring


a gurgling of hopper-heads

and waterspouts

a burst of streams

of mallard ducks and busy birds

and fresh green weeping willows

of cherry blossom and laburnum

daffodils and hyacinths


a melange of colour warmth and light

and with the sun

the smile

of an old friend

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As vivid as an imagist painting. Stark contrast between the 'Wake Fed' conversation and the bursting forth of life- and yet- life in death -death in life and the enigmatic father's wish to mourn embrace or accept the world of thesun as it is.





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A rhythm flows gently through the contrasting images here, like a return of a hymn's chorus and the change of mood and senses. Wakes were traditional during my young years. When my g'pa died, all of his cronies came with their chairs. They talked and smoked all night, the draped casket with a block of ice underneath, a young boy sitting on the floor in an opposite corner, silent, but listening. The next day was a Christmas that never came. "a metronomic rain of wake-fed conversation" is a poem complete.

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The kind of poem that the writer probably enjoyed writing - the reader certainly enjoyed reading. Agree with the comment on the opening lines.




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guinness and port wine

When can I take the UK citizenship test? Agree with dr_con: great imagery.

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