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Poetry Magnum Opus

Cash at Folsom

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

Johnny sings to a captive audience

who have paid expensively for their

entrance (loss of liberty) the State's

ticket to a "free" concert. California

filled seats with hard arses, donated

special passes and miked the crowd

for criminals' responses loud, proud

and unbowed in prison OK but lovin'

it. As Folsom Prison rocked the cell

blocks unlocked men cheer and yell

they dig the stories that Cash is here

to tell, all live sounds goes in the can

rolled on out to a vinyl recording van.

They enjoy his Folsom Prison Blues

the sort of dark sentiment they could

use being behind bars with no excuse.

Every wry and sombre word was fine

by them he amused, he'd walked that

line did not condemn. Cash drawled

the killer line how he had shot a man

just to see him die, cue the uproar of

clapping, hear jailbirds get up and fly.

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My dad had this 8 track tape (yes, 8 track) tape of the concert. Brought back memories, and made me think anew.

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omg, Frank, excellent. He was always one of my favorites and you've told the prison performance quite well. We used to hear rumors that he, himself, was actually sentenced to Folsom and the scars on his face were from the knife fight. Never in prison, of course (jail? probably) and I saw him on an interview in the 70's and he said the scars were where some cysts were removed from his face. But, it sure gave him the look, didn't it? Really enjoyed this one, both times.


:biggrin: My first husband had the 8 track, as well!

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