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Poetry Magnum Opus

Beauty in the Eye...


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Beauty in the Eye…


Leaves of a small mulberry fight

large shadows of a mighty oak,

struggling to find favor from

an uncaring sun.


In a microscope, I watch the war

between antibodies and the attacking,

rapidly evolving biota. The conflagration

continues forever.


Orange lilies and red, red roses,

surrounded by growth of greens,

so often create a symbiosis

of contrasting beauty.


A rambling rose on a hillside

of my walking road survives

at least five generations of gardening

wives, trying to create some rare beauty.


No need to go on and on, as I could,

about the wonders of this universe,

the constellations, one of which holds

my Earth hostage.

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Impressive naturalist reflection. Enjoyed thoroughly. Some excellent lines! My only possible revision- Is leave off the last stanza (For me) the images held the message and no need to clarify further- but that's one of the areas i'm woring on trying to find the sweet spot between over/under -standing, so @ the moment could just be a personal bias.


Many Thanks!



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Thank you, Doc. I agree and have lopped off the unnecessary last stanza.

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Hi Frank, I love this type of poetry when done well and you done well. Your imagery paints a picture in my mind as well as oils could do. I like the last part gone, I tend to try and tell my reader too much so I relate, let the images tell the story but it is so hard to pull back and not spell it out for them. Good advise from Juris.



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Thanks, Tink. I always listen to my elders--like Doc. :rolleyes:

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The "last stanza" was the sixth? or is it the fifth? I'm confused.

from the black desert

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So am I, GK. The previous last stanza has been removed. Perhaps the others should also be deleted. :wacko:

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