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On american clergy stopping gay marriage in africa


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I read an article in The Economist newspaper about conservative American religious groups trying to influence African elections and legislation.


On american clergy stopping gay marriage in africa


(A Rime Couée)


I read on what we now export

-- Hate and shame -- which makes me retort,

"My God is not in this!"

As if their rights were not denied

Enough, Gays now stand to be pried

From life of married bliss.


The right to wed must not be stopped

By clergy seeking to co-opt

The broadness of God's love.

Unlike Prophets with many wives,

What is sought for is just two lives

To be blest from above.


These White clergy that intervene,

In what is surely racist scene,

Must from their edge step back.

Why don't they stop polygamy?

Or would that end their trickery

And expose what they lack?

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Hi Marti, Interesting that my example of the Rime Couée also involves a shame on someone with influence and was political. You certainly make your point eloquently in this piece. Nice.



~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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I, too, like this piece. Never before been aware of the this form, knowingly. I am a propponent of 'live and let live', the 'golden rule' always applies.


Here, in CO, on May 1, people camped out, to be among the first, to step up for civil union ceremonies; our best friends are a lesbian couple and I just don't understand the hoop-lah over this. There are far bigger, much worse problems in this world than worrying about the gay community finding happiness, they are entitled to the same rights as all others, so let's apply our energies to those situations and go after something that might make a difference.

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Not qualified to comment on form, but content I understand. My thinking for some years has been that the first step should be to get the government out of the controversy. What damn business is it for even states to decide who lives with whom? Equal rights under the law should be no special treatment for people just because they love each other? "Marriage" ceremonies should be through any church that approves. All other arrangements could be a simple contract, or none at all. People should be treated as individuals, all with equal rights. Oral sex, even between "married" couples, is still illegal in my state. Be careful if you visit Virginia; Google can see through walls. BTW, our town's attorney was tried and found guilty of adultery. Lost his job and wife. Ignorance of the law is no excuse if the state is out to get you, and you are a member of the minority party.

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