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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Swallow Bird & the Sun-Flower!

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

The Swallow Bird & the Sun-Flower!


Enjoy …


A reverie in my slumber touched my sensitivity this night.

Felt during my sleep like I was in a misty light.

& thus I was wondering like a sparrow owl all alone.

The field did I see in view appeared with very few stones.


& I wondered into this metallic meadow full of vegetations.

A stream nearby did cool my body from the heats demonstration.

I touched this creek with my wings quickly in an easy plight.

Thus a Swallow Bird made the scenery full with delight.


She the vibrant swallow filled the atmosphere just right.

This Angel of Nature & Grace sat under a grand tree of sight.

In this familiarity the view was filled of green vegetation.

The modest stream in-between was flowing in regulation.


The water was truly refreshing vista for this vision of nature

It quenched all the plants thirsts from the heats stature.

The yielding crisp pastel colors shined with much radiance.

My understanding was overwhelmed at such magnificence.


Then the countryside looked like heaven’s gate of grace.

Glory radiated from all the SUN FLOWERS faces.

Rays from the glowing sun put one FLOWER in poetic current.

Yellow from this FLORA made it look like it was a present.


It seemed like enchantment of the supernatural did fill the air.

I gazed at the flower’s feminine eloquence with a long stare.

I plucked up the bud to inhale the fragrant scent of the divine.

Light glowed bright from its all life-giving fruitful vine.


I dropped the blossom into this stream of water that was softly flowing.

My eyes were blinded when this FLORA appeared as a seraphim bathing.

My heart beat fluttered at HER celestial heavenly brilliance.

I guess magick was in the breeze that fateful day of resilience.


Her voice came to me & it said “follow me” for it was vibrant & loud.

A passageway opened up for us from the highest cloud.

She reached her hand out for me knowing that I was amazed.

Our spirits/hearts went thru a tunnel of a long rippling maze.


We reached our destination in anticipated adulation.

The fashion of the crowd was worship & adoration.

Rings touched our hands presented by a violet/indigo pillow.

The groom & the bride were wed in a field of many willows.


Reality hit me & I woke up from this lovely dream.

And I did wish to find this soft flowing stream.

GOD must have filled my mind up with allot of steam.

Alas the night before I probably drank to much funny cream.


After all that Irish coffee did have a strange peculiar taste.

May be it was just all that darn minted tooth paste.

Perhaps, I was dazzled & touched by this remembered devotion.

Subsequently this is just a tale of one excellent expedition.


Was havoc on my mind in this trance that dreamt afternoon?

Was it the heat after all that made this delusion look like a cartoon?

This vision did end like it all began; most un-keen.

For this swallow quickly flew under this flower that hit the water slowly.


She hence turned into a female Angel of Grace unseen

The transformation began elegantly with a flash of light poetically.

& we’re thus both delivered in a white cloud to Paradise.

& thrown all around of course was lots of white rice.


We were both then carried by the breath to a high tower.

& she was translated with me into El Shaddai arms the divine power.

Her name was Ann & in her hands was that scented yellow sun-flower.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Hi Victor,


This poem is reminiscent of Coleridge's KUBLA KHAN. It's highly musical, and you say it was induced by "A reverie" which "in my slumber touched my sensitivity this night." The difference is you finished your poem. In the case of Kubla Khan, "Coleridge claimed that the poem was inspired by an opium-induced dream (implicit in the poem's subtitle A Vision in a Dream) but that the composition was interrupted by a person from Porlock." (Wikipedia) Well done!



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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