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Poetry Magnum Opus

Off Horse

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

I have never consciously had horse,
would not do as a matter of course.
British in the main decline to have
recourse to devouring these noble
beasts. Regard them as graceful aids
to Man not the stuff of tasty feasts.
Our gastronomic tradition so differs
to that of those horse-fed cher amis.
Snails, frogs’ legs seem tres strange
to me. Even the fervent francophile
may see horse steaks as slightly vile,
prefer horses head to the glue factory
by far, than fetch up in your abattoir.


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I like this, very much, Frank! We've been hearing more about his, lately and also find it disturbing. I realize people eat dogs, in other countries, as well, though I read the other day that even China is trying to put an end to that. It's only been in more recent times that people there have begun to keep them as pets!


I would have to become vegan if the animals we consider friends and family were the only meat available. I cannot even spend much time considering my ground beef or I get upsetl


I recall our toad and turtle in first grade. We took turns helping Miss Long feed them and I can still see the box (it looked like our bacon package, except the color, white with light blue name and logo, "Rath"), so I asked why they eat raw bacon, she replied, "Oh, it's not bacon, it's horse meat." WHAT???? When I got home, I cried to Mom and she told me how during WWII people ate horse meat so the 'real' meat could go to the service men who fought for us.



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No horse meat, I am sure, but nearly anything else that might be grown on a farm mid 20th C, especially if it had wings, and a number of things that could be harvested in the wild including those frogs you mentioned, though not due to my French ancestry. I think I am glad we had no access to snails, but I loved the frogs. :smile:


". . . prefer horses head . . ." gave me momentary pause before I registered the lack of an apostrophe. :o

from the black desert

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". . . prefer horses head . . ." gave me momentary pause before I registered the lack of an apostrophe. :o



Oh, I took it to mean "...prefer horses head..." as in 'horses head into the barn', like 'I'm going to head to the store, now.', rather than preferring a horse's head. I could be wrong and it wouldn't be a first, even for today. :rolleyes:

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Had horse steak once on a boozy trip to Ostend. It was my friend's bachelor "do" and I was the only one sober enough and able to understand the menu. I never did tell them. :biggrin:

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