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Poetry Magnum Opus

brave lovers


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Brave Lovers

couples meeting in the street
embracing in the darkness
in the rain
and between the slanting light from neon signs

watch them talking sexily to each other
about their attractions
and their distractions

and i am attracted to them
and to their sensuous interactions

and yet it falls
- quiet nature -
in glimmering waterfalls
moisturising lips and eyelids
and washing everything clean

today was a sexy day
i must confess
and so my sensibilities are no longer sensible

but i can still recognise lust in an eye
or the subtle smile hiding within lips

i remember talking in the rain like them
i remember cutting a finer silhouette.

we've all been the paramours
and the paramounted

don't you ever forget it!

passion is as much a gift as creativity
or intuition
it is the thing that makes people look
and think
and remember

it really takes courage to stand there - committing to something

but i'm sure you both know
how lonely it can be

with too much time
to yourself...


To receive love, you have to give it...

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A great reflection on the nature of passion (and being alone). Ahh yes the spring, when despite my best intentions the night air breathes a hint of lust;-)



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"i remember talking in the rain like them
i remember cutting a finer silhouette."


There is a nicely spun thread of empathy which runs through the piece... perhaps taking pleasure in the happiness of others (as opposed to “Schadenfreude” ... pleasure derived from the misfortune of others) . Though your "lonely" last stanza brings to mind a half forgotten quote from the acerbic John Lennon, "Happiness is just how you feel when you don't feel miserable." :smile: B.

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I see-revealed-the masks of jealousy, a time lost, but a realization of the beauty of stolen moments, if only in memory. It's not nice to make an old brain think. Beautifully constructed and fluid throughout. My reward for another daybreak.

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i remember cutting a finer silhouette.


Oh, heavens, yes. And a beautiful line that was, too.

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David W. Parsley

Nice work, Douglas. I echo the sentiments of the other commentators.


- Dave

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wow...very nice...I love the imagery at the beginning (first made me think of that famous wwII picture of the soldier and woman embracing) only to be delivered into sadness of being lonely...thanks for posting



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