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Poetry Magnum Opus

weekend getaway


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Weekend Getaway

We are all together
packed tight into the car

for a soccer weekend getaway
and family is the star

the game’s in san francisco
across the golden gate
where lots of little girls
will vie to learn their fate

and when the games are over
its off to the hotel

where all the restless children
will give their parents hell

running through the hallways
and slamming all the doors

I feel sorry for the guests
stuck on lower floors

then they fall in for the night
to their make shift blanket beds

and upon the fluffy pillows
they rest their little heads

and for a moment it is quiet
and the world seems at peace

and the angst begins to fade
so the tension can release

the morning comes quite early
and we are shaken from our sleep

when that trusted little clock
decides its time to beep

there’s not much time for breakfast
as we struggle to get dressed

it’s too early in the morning
to be feeling so darn stressed

but we make it to the fields
so the kids can join their team

while the parents sip on Starbucks
drowned in sweetener and in cream

while the games may prove exciting
all the waiting can be tough

by the time the day is over
everybody’s had enough

and back at the hotel
where we cram into the room

the seeds of conflict fester
and signal coming doom

the tempers start to boil
and the anger overflows

after all those hurtful words
they start exchanging blows

I try to keep them seperate
but there’s just nowhere to go

get a front row ticket
cause there’s gonna be a show

my nerves are long past frayed
and my patience at it’s end

“There’s gonna be a beating”
is the message that I send

the must think that I am bluffing
cause they will not let it go

and in the flash of an instant
came out the mighty blow—up

I grabbed one by the arm
another by the hair

and in a fluid motion
kicked the other off the chair

profanity gone wild
came pouring from my lips

and my wife just stood and glared
her hands upon her hips

the kids were now compliant
and feigning some remorse

I think there’s something to this
showing strength and using force

in the morning we awoke
and piled in the car

together with my family
and silence is the star
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where all the restless children
will give their parents hell

Ah, give the kids credit. I was on a biz trip once and parents/chaperones were stressing, shouting, and screaming about room assignments and all the kids were docile and compliant. I complained to the front desk about the parents; it was, I think, almost 1:00 AM.....


Very vivid and clear descriptions.

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awww....I agree about the adults...It could have just as easily been about the parents...so true....at least the kids have the excuse of their youth....but thanks for reading..dan

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