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Poetry Magnum Opus

Und So Weiter


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It was perplexing faced with all that choice; I didn’t know which way to turn.. until a brown voice reeled ‘em off in perfect order .. little cards with “Apply” printed along the border. “Poster Sticker?---Chimpanzee Nurse?"... I said,"Has the circus come to town?” “Aye lad,” he said, “you could do worse! And you might end up a clown!” “ I was thinking of something urban sir: Dray man or wet-fishmonger.” “Can't help you lad!” I heard him say, and I'll swear his nose grew longer.He shook his head when I paused at “Masseuse” and chortled at “Musician” ...“Lighthouse Keeper” hit a nerve and tears rolled at “Mortician.” He said: “You've made my day me lad, with all that cogitating!” “But there MUST be a place for me!” I said.... by the sign marked, “Emigrating?”

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Very amusing! Had a good chortle @ the word play and jovial tone.





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“But there MUST be a place for me!” I said.... by the sign marked, “Emigrating?”

Agree with the great dr.....But where COULD one emigrate to now? Still, very enjoyable. I envy those who make joviality look seemless & easy.

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Thanks doc. a spoon full of sugar eh? :blink:


dcmarti. Perhaps we English should consult the Poles. :biggrin:

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