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Poetry Magnum Opus



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The pain from my heart

resonates up and rests

smartly behind my eyes

it ties a knot in my stomach

and cramps up my thighs

bewilderment, dissolution, denial

your whole god dam life is on trial

An emptiness builds in my bones

and I’m terrified of all the unknowns

its been twenty some years

since I’ve faced those old fears

Will I just sit at home?

Or will I get out and roam?

I really don’t know is all I can say,

and in the blink of the moment I think I’m ok

as long as there’s will there’s always a way

but as fast as it faded

it’s now re-invaded

and it’s tearing away at my soul

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An interesting read. Bearing the title in mind: your narrator gives the impression of a changing phase of life.It brings to mind the phrase “nothing is forever” (never more relevent than in these uncertain times). And “taking stock” of that life, seems to translate uncertainty into reasons for self-doubt when intrinsic things that matter are just out of reach.

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its been twenty some years

since I’ve faced those old fears




I am afraid my mid-life episode will not be "crisis" but "capitulation".

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Interesting analysis...I happened to be in a two or three day fight with my wife....and played out a worst case...ironically I wrote this when we made up:

With all of your flaw

and all of your fault

to say your not perfect

would be an insult

I think it was destiny

I know it’s our fait

just look at the faces

we did together create

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I took this to be the end of a longterm relationship. Having been married three times, I was going to tell you that most of us find a way to get on with it, eventually. Glad I hadn't found opportunity, yet.

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