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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Serene Reflection


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The Serene Reflection


The body surfaces
And it contains a soul
It floats to the surface of the lake
And the surface of the lake is still
Reflecting the blue sky that rests above it

And in that reflection shines a thought
Consciousness flowing from the truth
Which dances and glimmers upon
The liquid blanket

And the soul will always celebrate beauty
Despite the constructs of this world
Intuition will always conquer ego
And the Essence will always come to rest
Within the belly

For it is from within the belly
That we first obtain life
Connected to the benevolent cord of Gaia
Who nourishes us and teaches us
That this is a Universe

In as much as a tree is not a tree
Man is not man
All is an expression of the multiplicity of existence
The supreme paradox we call Heaven
A paradise of being that we can not find the words for

And so it is only through silent and effortless
Meditation that we find the Light
That supremacy residing and flowing through everything
The sacred dance
The purity of the present

Lift your souls sons and daughters of the Earth
And remember who you are
Stars and Fire and Water and Earth and Air
The still centre of grace
Holding within it peace forever

Flow like the water from the mountains
Pure and crisp and rapid
Smooth the rocks of resistance
Let go of the shore
And become a powerful torrent

Remember that it is always through searching
That we find solace and the precious place
This dimension is perfect and waiting
You have only to choose…

To receive love, you have to give it...

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