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Poetry Magnum Opus

Coming to you


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Coming to you


How did I end up here

So far away from myself

So far away from everybody


Everywhere I look there is just

A flat expanse

Flying away in all directions


White dust on dry hands

Hard clay burning


This is desolation

Dehydration of the soul

The result of a wrong turn

Turning my existence

Into something I did not expect or desire


I have to find the strength to stand again

To stand

And to walk

And to find my way back



The searing sun

The listlessness

The blisters within my soul



I shall rise up and walk

I shall rise up and I shall walk back to life

And find you in the midst of it

Guided by the magnetism of our love


I owe it to both myself and you

To heal and wash within the cleansing waters

That nourish and revive


If anything it is the hope of this destiny

That will be my salvation


So I am standing and coming to you

From across this expanse


Please be patient my love

And do not leave the desert’s edge




To receive love, you have to give it...

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