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Poetry Magnum Opus

You Never Know


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You Never Know


I’ll find you wherever you are

There’s a bountiful harvest

of beauty and pain

You act like

you don’t

know me


(running scared)


But you owe me

not like the false promises

and subsequent debt

of Church State and Family

But the Birthright

the initial bargain


And you can’t hide

Not in the country among the trees

( I’ll come as a bird or a cricket)

Or a poem

(Kyoto Lazarus)

or a Garden

(flower vegetable weed)


(divorce rebellious or gifted child)


(the kindness of bullies)


(a child begs for more rice)


Or anywhere else on this or any other


And I’m not Death

(although that’s part of it)


I’m You knocking

(No matter how squalorous or ornate

your hexed doors of protection)


Its better to invite me in

This kicking and screaming

pretending you don’t know

(although that’s part of it)


doesn’t suit us


(but you never know)

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Fascinating and well presented as usual: the truth will out they say:-) and it leaves me thinking of playing chess with ones conscience whilst waiting for a mortgaged soul to be foreclosed. Lol. Ben

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The poem has a raw power in it . The breakup of thoughts in small and large lines gives a consistent shake to the reader and prevents it from being rather ' common '...... The tone of this poem is a wonderful achievement ..... I especially loved how the subject and the ideas move back and forth


Enjoyed Mr. benjamin !

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