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Poetry Magnum Opus

1989 (revised version)


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those were the evenings of dark eyes and incense
when i ran up to your apartment
stoned and intoxicated
with a heart in my hands

i’d run up those stairs to you in the
humid summer air
with long tanned legs
with a white indian cotton shirt
caressing my chest like your breath would later

i would enter your hazy, dreamy world
intoxicated by your alternativeness
wanting to be your sacrifice
the clouds of your longing and seduction sweeping over me
as i crossed the threshold of your territory

you transformed me into another creature
a creature i longed to become
you’d embrace me like a shaman
placing me upon the sheets
whispering things into my ears
that i had never heard before

and i would writhe beneath you
laughing and abandoning myself
believing that you were leading me so much closer
to my truth
into a reality where we’d be perpetually free

together we created a world of mystery and sensuality
a world of creativity and idealism
serenaded by the cure and the pixies and nick cave

we would conjure them up when we needed them
evoking dancing spirits and sprites

there in your place
full of exotic cloth and candles
and shimmering idols
and silk cushions thrown across the floor


To receive love, you have to give it...

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Wow Douglas Wow. I've been in that apartment. That is the 80's experience, the sights the sounds the smells. Erotic, nostalgic and a breath of 'being there.' My favorite of your recent work.






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Your 80s. My 90s. Not the exact same scenario as yours, but many of the same emotions. I absolutely LOVE this line:


you’d embrace me like a shaman


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Never found that apartment - but it must have been fun . . .

from the black desert

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