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Poetry Magnum Opus

Below that


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Below That


He sd I used the wrong direction

when I sd higher

although it didn’t matter


Direction is misinformation

no map

no place

no desire


To the youngster

I sd Know seven billion

Secret Societies


To his confusion

sd Remember signifiers

Mother Father

safe secure


My father beat me

Mom saved me


Below that


Sinners and saints

Truth and Lies


Below that


Surveillance privacy

Liberation Oppression


Below that


She sd I understand know



We sd

No gurus and teachers

to say we’re human


Seven billion voices sd

signs no destination


Below that.



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Read like expert beatnik to me. If that genre is to even HAVE experts..... :)

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I assure you that genre does! I miss the time when poetry was taken seriously, when I waited to see Ginsberg for an hour and a half in order to get into the 1'500 person theater, and many were turned away. I must admit that one of the reasons San francisco called was because of the City Lights legacy ;-) One of my first poetry teachers, Robert Creeley was an astounding example of 'living poetry...' (or so my impressionable college mind said)


Now, as one poet said: Only poets come to poetry readings anymore...


More on Black mountain & Creeley (nice poetry lesson I found while reminiscing, yesterday) https://sites.google.com/a/elc.edu.sa/drsuzanne/unit-three




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David W. Parsley

Wow, Doc, the commentary is as good as the poetry! Like you, I am royally bummed by the loss of readership and listenership for serious poetry. Some of it seems to be due to the loss of readers and listeners among the populace. Creeley, Ginsburg, and their kind had an audience hungry to be enlightened and guided by social commentary and an unflinching assessment of the human condition in a total world context. I think a kind of weariness has replaced the passion and optimism of those times, a certainty that we could change things. In the face of such disillusionment, it is nice to come here and find (for poets and their readers)


The Beat Goes On!

- Dave

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