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Poetry Magnum Opus

We Didn't Understand


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We Didn’t Understand

We didn’t understand

what our desire meant

To be one with

To worship

To serve

To rule

To embrace

endless food

To drink oil

to be free

basic needs well met

but we have audacious kitschy artifacts

Paleo-Christ, Buddha with an Ipod

and Mohammed runs corner

stores much to his


This is how far we’ve come

after all that struggle

Syria has hidden

secrets you don’t

want to occupy

your front lawn

Gnomes drenched in blood

Cesar plays a fiddle while

you go go GO!

Kids know that freedom

is the frontier


But we have moneyfied even liberation

among the daisies ragweed bamboo

rebelling against manicured space

offering us the lessons of bloom

before our desire to commodify

everything to win freedoms


I breathe out

and wait for the

inevitable price.

since living

has become

rent to own.


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Beatnik, anti-war, propoganda.....I love it. And the word commodify.


God be with you, Juris.

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Your skilfully worked imagery offers signposts for the reader to explore a variety of avenues. I'm left with a feeling of “so much taken for granted” and to coin a well-used phrase. It seems we generally “know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” G.

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David W. Parsley

Viva la inspiration!


Let it flow, Bro!

- Dave

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