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Poetry Magnum Opus

Fractured Times


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Fractured Times


There was time

and despite great efforts

rarely is it inhabited


The simulation reigns

and months devoted

to causes trying to label


private to public in order

to garner some Goddamn

sympathy for the human


condition It sounded

harsh coming from her

afterall he put moon


phases on loops

against the blue blue

sky and we listened


Resonating ancient drones

cutting across phizz pops

like coming home to friends


family understanding finding

pleasure in journey’s submissions

and out of Rexroth’s vegetable dark


an errant star from technology’s

constellation draws too close

and BOOM


Watch out!

Duck involuntarily

What a waste


We used

and told time

by that.


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David W. Parsley

Wicked, clever, and delightful, Doc.



- Dave

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