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Poetry Magnum Opus



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Do you know something
Have you looked
Toward the universe
And at the stars
In times like these?

We are spinning
And we are beautiful
Yet we will go
It is just like that
It is just perfectly so

But don’t be disheartened
By this dance
For it is merely
A beautiful trance

And you will find truth
If you look for
All of your answers
Within the book
Of peace
And love and grace
And light

Just let your spirit free
And let it take flight

The stars are there to answer
Your questions
They’ve been spinning for years
Without exception

So hold true to your soul’s course
Believe it and do
All of those things
That will follow through

And when the trumpets sound
Or the angels whisper
Just have faith
And let the universe
Lift you…


To receive love, you have to give it...

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David W. Parsley

Yes, this poem 'lifts' in a number of ways!


Thanks Douglas,

- Dave

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Not exactly STRICTLY lyrical (chorus, verse, etc) but easy, melodic, hopeful. There was a song back (decade or more) called "House of Stone and Light". Reminded me a little bit of that.....

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