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Poetry Magnum Opus

Where The Wind Blows - Army Memories

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Poem, Where The Wind Blows - Army Memories


Ah memories sometimes they make you reflect.
The base I was stationed at was one of two Army training schools
where there was just as many females as males
and there was a lot of partying going on.

Sadly, I only made two friends while stationed there and miss both guys dearly.
For most of my life I have been a loner my whole life though not by design.

When I served it was during the first Gulf War.
I had a big mouth and got into fights with several guys
who are suppose to protect your back both during basic training
and during MOS training.
I guess I should have kept my big mouth shut for the most part.


One night while I was stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas
I went downtown to eat and then I walked around where the Alamo exists.
Sometime well after midnight I walked into a hotel bar.
There were a few couples dancing like drunkards to Jazz played by a band.
Also a few men sat at different tables alone guzzling there jugs of beer.

I wanted to dance but there was no single females in the club.
I walked out and saw a few bums begging on the streets.
I went back to the barracks and went to sleep.


Several times I went to where the trainees went swimming by the pool
and also there was a large recreational room
with many arcade video games and several pool tables.
Also, in this recreational hall there was also a large room
where recent movies are shown on a movie style screen.


Thinking back on some of what transpired during my one year stint in the military
I don't know if I should have ever served, but it is a part of my life I reckon.
I got out of the service receiving a general discharge like I never had served.


Larsen M. Callirhoe

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like I never had served


I was in the Navy six years, and I think I could write: like I never should have served


The images are clear, very clear. Your emotions come out in this.

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