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Poetry Magnum Opus

[Warning: political] Dizain for the evolutionary socialist dream of eduard bernstein


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Sleep no more, you working classes,
don't fight the pulse to congregate.
Rise, you tumult of the masses,
and from the wealthy's grip luxate
your dignity that is innate.
Don't spill blood like those in power,
don't prattle like those who cower
behind the stench of flame and flag;
for those who live in the tower
will fall: we won't be forced to drag.


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we won't be forced to drag.


I didn't understand that section Marti?



.....as in, "we won't be forced to drag them down from their height".....they will crumble by the weight of their own evil. Hopefully.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Marti, I never heard of this person or if I have heard of him I don't recall. I will look him up on the internet if I find a Wikipedia post on him. I wouldn't know if it would be completely accurate or opinionated words on the guy. as for the poem itself it is very neat and compact. your poem has a nice cadence and upbeat tempo reading very smoothly. good luck on your new move.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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