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Poetry Magnum Opus

Big, dramatic changes


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Hello, PMO. This is Marti, or dcmarti1. It looks like my condo might FINALLY sell at the end of of September 2013.


After being away from Texas for 31 years, I have to move back for some family issues. 6 years in the Navy, and 25 years in the Washington DC metro area have completely changed me; so, too, has poetry. (Literature & politics, too.....but as the bartender in Irma La Douce said, "That's another story!")


I have SO enjoyed the two-way encouragment AND critique here. It has been very important.


I am sure I will eventually get back onto PMO.....once in Texas and set-up with a home office and Internet access. My life was so radically different during the decades of my 20s (Navy), 30s (Dupont in DC & Vegas briefly), and 40s (Petworth in DC). Next year I am 50 and it will not be where or what I expected. The compleat disillusionment I succumbed to at 48 with "security clearances" and the "military industrial complex" was good spiritually, bad financially. I am LUCKY, though, to have family, friends, a roof, and food.....Poetry can be a boon or a beast. Oh, and my roommate's kitty is a blessing as well!


I have to PUBLICLY thank tonyv and fdelano. They gave me GIFTS -- actual presents! I will never forget that.


Until later,




(aka Maude.....Maybe I will tell you all later. Maybe.)


PS If any of you join goodreads, here is a poetry group:



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