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Poetry Magnum Opus



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I can’t wait until Sunday

now that football is back.

With the long bomb pass and

quarterback sack.

The screen is gigantic

and the picture so true;

so close to the field

you could watch the grass dew.

The speaker’s quake out

the thunderous theme

as the highlights are rolling

on every team.

Washed-up players

tell us this thing or that

and for the fantasy coaches

give out every stat.

Anticipation builds

as game time grows near;

atop the mountain of hype

they stuffed in your ear.

Kickoff is coming

and your glued to

the screen, your

heart starts to pound

and your senses are keen.

With the game underway

there is yelling and cheer;

the crunch of Doritos and

smell of spilt beer.

Its third down and long

and you rise to your feet;

pump your fist in the air

if the pass is complete.

When the last play is over

and the fat lady’s done;

you know who to avoid,

less the Niner’s have won.










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A fascinating soap opera to bring out the best and worst of many diverse factions. From the talented and preening... to the zealous masses and countless repressed housewives:-) Difficult to ignore the "season". Not a fan of gridiron: but I look forward to the English and European Champions soccer league each year mainly because it has a beginning, middle and end. B.

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Another social Win-Lose addiction, writ large in violence.

Ought to be outlawed, and not just the Pros.

Notice how the NFL recently bought-off the brain damaged.

The billionaires got nervous and then they got by cheap..


Enjoyed the rhyme and the rhythm of this.

Seems to fit the game and the rabid fans as well.

from the black desert

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