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Poetry Magnum Opus

Whose Heart?


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Whose Heart?


Whose ears did I hear with

what hands wrote this


Not mine or yours

the challenge of attention


Everything revolts

the flower from the seed

the chicken from its egg


This older man of what

the youth wrought


Am I to ignore it

let those waves beat me down

year after year all those imitations

A baby crawls a child runs the little lies


Rules of transdimensional hopscotch

or when we played push hands in the dark

but always saw the outcome leaving questions


Whose time

What mind


Walls become means of communication

not just boundaries singing defiance again

and again forlorn hopes and growing pains


The clouds care not for flood

The sun is oblivious to hot


and you deny

our ears our hands our eyes

one heart.

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Everything revolts


Love that. Life as revolution.....


SUPPOSEDLY, King Louis asked, "Is it a revolt?". A Minister replied, "No, Sire: a revolution." Apt....


Rock On, dr_con.....

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Makes me think of the individual as being like one cell of a compound eye.. having an awareness of the progression of all life and trying to interpret the overall picture. G.

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