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Poetry Magnum Opus

Cut the Deck (Newly discovered in the heap)


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Cut the Deck


Neuro Fowler watches Tom Lee's

eyes for reaction to her diagnosis:

Tumor doubled in size;

surgery necessary ASAP.


Tom Lee watches neuro Fowler's

eyes for reflections of fear and

concern. Both sit quietly, each

contemplating the future.


Neuro Fowler first lowers her

eyes to look at the films she

has already gleaned, even

memorized and confirmed.


Tom Lee finally speaks to

neuro Fowler. How soon is

ASAP? Did you bring a scalpel

in your purse today?


Neuro Fowler smiles at the

old man's bravado and his

dismissal of the gravity of

her grave pronouncement.


Dont sweat it, doctor. You

didnt cause the blob in

my noggin; you just happened

to find the goddamed thing.


Mr. Lee, you do understand the

intricacy involved in surgery

at such a vulnerable place, right

where the optic nerves cross?


Doctor Fowler, you do under-

stand that I have managed to

stay alive through much worse

odds than these, dont you?


Engine start time.

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Not to sweat, dear friend Bren. God wears earmuffs for infidels. Rate the fucking poem. Oops. Slipped into profane territory.

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What do I think, you praise-monger?

Here's what I think:


I was limping down the street today,

cursing a blue cloud, thinking evil thoughts,

when I got hit by a fuckin bus.


I got up slowly to my feet,

pulled out the driver and broke his head,

then jumped into his seat instead.


I drove like a banshee, smiled like a frog,

and sang into his microphone:

'Don't worry, people, you ain't alone!'


I skidded so cool into every stop

and told the people no need to pay.

Every damn thing is free today!


Be good. And if you can't be good ... enjoy yourself!


Slán anois,

Is mise le meas:


Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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What a cheering narrative. I truly wish I had been on the bus. You do know you are crazy as a loon, huh? Almost as balmy as I. ;)

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Mil gracias. fdh

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