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Poetry Magnum Opus

Thinking my Way out


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Thinking my Way out


I’m intimate with those who have a thought

that can not be thought O and today I’m Lazarus

(as if that mattered) and see a squirrel perched

on the edge of the garage with perfect posture

while the Fall exploding in backdrop to stillness

reminds me we’re trying to think our way out

of paper bags and the whole Just do makes

a little more sense I realized (too young)

that imagining you were a Zen Master

would make you a Zen Master

but then I was bored with

being immortal


And sometimes you need to just try it on

like a hand me down from a dead neighbor

before you can go back to just understanding

without the heated necessity of believing

( I may just be justifying the fleshy need

to do it again) again.


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Your fascinating work always provokes tangents for the reader to wrestle with. One facet of humanity in general, is an inherent need to feel unique: ie, when I asked my seven year old grand-son what he wants to be as an adult, he replied with certainty “a Ninja!” Seriously though, comparatively few people ever realise their full potenial for a multitude of worldly reasons. But it's still a wonderful life! Thanks. Geoff.

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Resistance is not futile.

And eventually it becomes unnecessary.


I like your hand-me-down analogy.

But they are all washable.


And Zen - well, closer than the rest . . . but still, promises, promises.


Thanks for the stimulus - it gets boring around here.

from the black desert

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heated necessity of believing


Wow! That's great!


A writer named Alan Watts once said something like, "The anxiety to believe is the very opposite of faith, of surrender to the truth - whatever it may be."


I also loved the line "I was bored with being immortal". Nice.

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