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Poetry Magnum Opus

"The chances of anything coming from Mars"


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I thought of countless meteors

like sperm rebuffed by an egg

till one is a meteorite


Of The Great Barrier Reef

visible from space (it's said)

and teeming with marine life


Of APCs and shot knees

Insults stones and IEDs

Blasts-- of living gale that rage

over land like possessed souls


Of his new van with logos

and chemicals-- for cleaning

ovens hobs and stoves.

A ginger smile in civvies--

I shook hands and wished him well

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I'd been listening to “The Eve Of The War” from Jeff Wayne's 1978 musical album “The War of The Worlds”. The television was tuned to a wild life show.. sound off ; when a much younger friend (ex-forces) visited me. After fifteen turbulent years in the “paras” he'd found it difficult to adjust to civilian life. Eventually, following a bequest, he'd bought a franchise... And...

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" with logos

and chemicals-"

Reminds of VX, BZ, CS and all the rest of the agents we referred to only in code. And we were the ones with the responsibility. Fortunately Pres. Carter ended it all and disbanded the whole bunch, and none too soon. Or at least I hope so . . .

from the black desert

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Perhaps with the death of Tom Clancy a few such military "codes" and acronyms will recede from the public psyche but I won't hold my breath :-)

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Very interesting title for this metaphor goes splendid with the imagery you paint us the reader with in your verse. You give me much food for thought to contemplate over. The imagery is rich and tells a story that can have a few particular meanings depending on what you are looking for or the direction you choose to think about in regards to each stanza in your piece. Well written!!! enjoyed...



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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