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Poetry Magnum Opus



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a child chimney sweep is wise to
the gleam in his masters eyes-
a fire drinking tyrant clears
his throat of phlegm-ghost of
Abraham Lincoln receives a bullet
again-an aircraft arrives at the twin
towers-if only we had a human with
an absent messiahs powers-
he is unavailable to clean up debris
from fires-metal bird wings plunge into
the tower-a second plane rips at the
throat of history-a savior stutters
negotiating his trip-in a womb unborn
his Mother watches replays of lives
torn and aeroplanes arrive like nails
being knocked into flesh. In Africa
the second coming of a drought-twin
girls with bellies of fire but no
nourishment or sustenance dance through
their bonfire of dreams. The ambulance
of rains will not arrive. One child of war
wakes to the sound of collapsing floors
outside a building within a war zone-
with wings a butterfly covers his eyes
then settles on a wound-the butterfly
turns black then red the boy falls
failed by a phantom limb-now he is
free of the rapture of war. What
colour is skin in the next life?.
Religion is still supported by a
creaking cross and the loss of
a singular Christ his revenant
presence persists in life.
Pain exists without the limb-
the crucifix bleeds without the
Christ-hands move independently
of the clock.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Some very unusual imagery that is very vivid and paints a vision of what are we doing to this world and to others by the descriptions of the words you used in this write. This is very deep and complex poetry. Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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and the loss of
a singular Christ his revenant
presence persists in life.

Agree with Victor. Deep, complex.....

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David W. Parsley

Hi Barry, appears to be a re-run, rather than a revision, but this time with a title change (unlike "Glass Baby"). I think I'm still good with my original comments. Apologies if I have missed something revised.


A Nice Revisit,

- Dave

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