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Poetry Magnum Opus

Dreaning eyes of driftwood


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Dream within a dream-a mermaid's dreaming
eyes of driftwood. A beachcomber hoists anchor
to release the soul of a whale dying.
Clouds scroll across the horizon the moon stores
stories from it's evening haul. a dolphin
wearing an eye-patch disturbs a bottled
ship-a stowaway wakes, sees a whale shifting
astrally, lighting up an empty mist cloaked
lighthouse. Driftwood passes by whaling ships,death
leaves bottled fire slyly beneath,
he makes a melody on glass-she wakes, reaps-
issuing incantations lovelier,
killing flames. Death slumbers without music to spare

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The five senses are universal and though much of your work contains tangible metaphors there is an abstract quality about it which resurrects in my mind a sixth. A Chinese conundrum I read somewhere along the line.

A man dreams that he is a butterfly and in the dream he has no knowledge of his life as a human being. When he wakes up, he asks himself two questions: am I a man who has just dreamed that he was a butterfly? Or am I a butterfly, dreaming that I am a man?

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a dolphin
wearing an eye-patch disturbs a bottled


Makes me think that the artist Rene Magritte could paint that.....Surreal, but serene. An other-worldy or other-dimension poem. Neat.

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