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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Blossoming


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The Blossoming

It’s time to sit in a sprawling field
Away from all of this madness
Time to let insects crawl across my legs
While soft beautiful powdery wings
Collide with the blue of the sky above me

Winter has released her grip and the grim
Stories she whispered into my ears
During stormy nights
Are being pulled from my skin
By the sun

It’s time to run along mountain paths
Dodging warm rocks and branches
Lulled into a trace by a quickening pulse
Silver sweat and an expansive oceanic horizon
That possesses the power to transport and transform

I hear the birds around me
They are melodic and ecstatic
Celebrating the blooming and the blossoming
Of new life with a lightness
That is transcendent

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Clearly not writing anywhere from inside Canada.

This blossoming is a warm and sunny work.


"Unbearable, isn't it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends.

There is a secret song at the center of the world, Joey, and its sound is like razors through flesh."


"I don't believe you."


"Oh come, you can hear its faint echo right now. I'm here to turn up the volume.

To press the stinking face of humanity into the dark blood of its own secret heart."

"There's a starving beast inside my chest
playing with me until he's bored
Then, slowly burying his tusks in my flesh
crawling his way out he rips open old wounds

When I reach for the knife placed on the bedside table
its blade reflects my determined face
to plant it in my chest
and carve a hole so deep it snaps my veins

Hollow me out, I want to feel empty"
-- "Being Able To Feel Nothing" by Oathbreaker


"Sky turns to a deeper grey

the sun fades by the moon

hell's come from the distant hills

tortures dreams of the doomed

and they pray, yet they prey

and they pray, still they prey"
-- "Still They Prey" by Cough


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