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Poetry Magnum Opus

that biological chance..


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that biological chance

not brilliance or hard work

is the true determinant

between failure and success


an assumption that there are

benevolent aliens..

despite timescales involved..

has a certain warm appeal


perhaps they're already here

advanced.. metaphysical

and experimenting in

my underdeveloped brain


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metaphysical and experimenting


Mmmm, like that idea! :)

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Ah, you've been watching those "aliens-R-us" cable shows? The ones that dig up all those ancient clues . . .


from the black desert

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My thanks for your responses.

I find panspermia and evolution much more appealing than religion.. or our prime minister parading around Sri Lanka being hailed as a "God".

And I prefer watching the Sicilian Inspector Montalbano. :biggrin:

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