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Poetry Magnum Opus

Ten Winds


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Wonderful words thrown against the canvas like a Jackson Pollock creation. Also about as comprehensible.

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Wonderful words thrown against the canvas like a Jackson Pollock creation. Also about as comprehensible.





Don't always infer the worst from what people say. According to the Wiki article on Jackson Pollock, he was


... an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well known for his unique style of drip painting. During his lifetime, Pollock enjoyed considerable fame and notoriety, a major artist of his generation ...


In my opinion, Pollock's works are interesting, soothing, and quite lovely. The comment you reported could even be construed as a compliment. Try not to have a knee-jerk reaction every time someone says something; a little less "thin skin" might be in order, beneficial. For example, I just said I like Pollock's works. If someone says your poem or prose piece is as comprehensible as Pollock's work, I wouldn't immediately take that as an insult toward my taste in art or toward me; there simply isn't enough information in the comment. "As comprehensible" could mean "extremely comprehensible" or "completely incomprehensible." Absent additional information, it's impossible to know what the author of the comment really meant.






When I woke up this morning to find an automated notification on my phone that Barry had reported your reply, I chuckled, because the email didn't say whose reply was being reported; it only included the text of the reply. I laughed to myself and thought this had to be Brendan's reply. I was surprised to learn that it was yours. Knowing what happened with you guys in the other topic yesterday, the comment's ambiguity raises suspicion as to your intention for making it in the first place.




Both of you guys,


If you don't value each others' input, maybe you should refrain from directing comments at each other on the public board? And if you don't like receiving pm's from each other, the pm system allows each to block the other. I hope you guys will try to get along, because there's really no reason for the personality conflict drama; the focus is for the most part poetry (and prose), not drama, lol. (Though drama is welcome, too!) Let's just say the focus should be on the written art as opposed to performance art.






I was going to delete this topic but have decided temporarily to move it to Member Poetry. Barry, if you would like to repost "Ten Winds," please make a new topic in the Prose forum.


While members are free to delete their words, it irritates me when people strip the poems (and prose) from their topics, especially when others have taken time to make replies. Doing so degrades the board, and it's incomprehensible to me why anyone would do that. Often people will write to me and ask me to remove a topic from view because they intend to have the poem(s) published. I'm always happy to oblige. If you really want to remove a topic, let me know, and I'll move the whole thing to a hidden section from where it could be restored if you ever wanted it back. But to just strip your topic and leave it there for visitors to come across (or for me to come across weeks after it's been left to sit there looking like that) is bs. Both you guys have done this. Not that I know why someone would do this, but I've noticed that quite a few of these stripped topics have no replies. Is that why some people strip the art work? Why??? Part of the stated objective of this board is to serve as a showcase for your work. Why strip your work from where someone might enjoy it and perhaps even reply just because there are no replies? Why would an artist take down his work just because there are no replies to his liking or replies at all for that matter. I doubt that Pollock would do that ...



I hope to come back and reply to some poems later today. All this before breakfast ...



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Not trying to prolong the agony of this silliness; just wanted to comment on my removal/deletion of posted work. I don't remember my thinking at the time of each deletion, but I know I have removed work for intended revision and reposting. In each case, I realize I should have left a reason for removal, if only as a reminder to myself. As to responding to Eclipse: Since his eruption at my first comment on one of his pieces--at least more than a year ago--I have refrained from commenting. I shall follow your (Tony) advice and not react/reply to anything he posts. I don't block anyone from commenting publicly or privately, not even that rascally Brendan. ;)

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