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Poetry Magnum Opus

Fear of Being


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Fear of Being


A murderous murder of crows

descends on the Summer park

baseball basketball soccer and

the defunct tennis courts tabula

rasa mechanized imaginations

of BMX skateboards obscured

rule based makebelieves hid

from polite society Now


covered by a clean white slate

as the Philosopher Kings caw

across the chilled and stirred

skies They say to get beyond

omens and corpses or Odin’s

bright messengers to see the

face before we were born one

must be driven Sick


of the clamour of right wrong

vermin or blessing born under

standing that it is as it is not

precluding better or Winter

thermals do work wonders

for a conclave of winged

children deciding

their fate While


in our hearts we still feel

the promise and stir

of Spring.




A Murderous Murder


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There is a compelling rhythm here, not forced but forceful. It propelled me to read on. I was unsure if this was really JUST about a murder of crows, however. 3rd time, though, I think it is.....maybe.


Tidbit: a Brit historian (Starkey) I saw on TV once quoted ANOTHER historian (name forgotten) who said a group of historians should be called a "malice". Nice!


Loved that "tennis courts tabula rasa".....

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