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Poetry Magnum Opus

Rotten History

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

(1 "f-word") exclamations line 2 are deliberate!


O Anne Boleyn came a cropper,

fell prey to Henry V!!!'s chopper,

dropped a daughter never a son,

could not deliver a boy, not one.

Woe alas it would not suffice

for Henry to sire just this lass,

only future kings cut any ice;

for he an Elizabethan age

did not foresee for he was

the prototype of your MCP.


Trumped-up charges phony

facts provide excuse for his

favourite axe. This "fucking"

king axed religion, friends

and wives, luck if anything

in this rudest reign survives,

a horrible ruling of a nation,

the least of all his reputation.

Henry V111 was 1 rotten king,

a matter beyond disputation.

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Agreed. Henry toppled the Fitzgeralds, his supremely competent half-Irish viceroys, and proclaimed himself the King of Ireland, the fatuous fat idiot, with four centuries of resentment and warfare to follow; he established the Church of England which became rabidly anti-Catholic with consequences which persist to this day, in that no heir to the throne may marry a Catholic; he disbanded and looted the monasteries; he executed his wives, Sir Thomas More, and a host of political opponents; he abandoned loyal advisors such as Wolseley and Cromwell, and created dismay and havoc all around. He was the Mrs Thatcher of his age. MCP? Most Criminal Person.

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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I may BE an Anglophile, but the tyranny and dirty-laundry can't be overlooked. Hell, no person who loves their country SHOULD overlook them.....


I thought this was insightful, AND well composed:


.....luck if anything

in this rudest reign survives,


We've had recent poems on Lion-Heart and now Henry 8. Anybody ready to write the disaster that was Henry 3? ;)


And Shakespeare never wrote a play about Athelstan, sigh.....

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Frank E Gibbard

Quote He was the Mrs Thatcher of his age. MCP? Most Criminal Person.


I hate to speak ill of the dead but hell I'll make an exception for Mrs T, well Hitler Stalin etc. Bren, certainly no surprise on the learned opinion about the subject here.

MCP? A male chauvinist pig I meant, naughty abbreviations I know help the rhyme some times.Frank

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Nice one Frank. How different from todays gentle news that the aged Queen Elizabeth 2nd is to relinquish some of her duties to her son Charles. The expanding privileged still exist; underpinned by a corrupt honours system and powerful elite who have very little in common with ordinary people or their aspirations. Geoff

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