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Poetry Magnum Opus

Yes! (1/20/2014)


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Yes! ( Observing Martin Luther King's 85th Birthday )


Not understanding

is a sextant of navigation

the unbridled Yes! responds

to I Have a Dream oration

Akashic unbroken

echoing echoing



Never the same

twice in a row

Truth held



Hear it now:

Yes! Yes!

A chorus

God within



To be Host

hungry hungry ghosts

is human

To see Unknowingly



The Center everywhere

All mountain sides

Not just Stone Mountain Georgia

where gnostic Freedom





To cry Yes!

alone in the wilderness

to map it

is to remember to Be to



Free at last

Free at last

Free at last


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To see Unknowingly



Ah, yes, shades of the distant, Aristotelian Creator. Or the medieval, mystical text The Cloud of Unknowing.


All mixed with the non-nonsense of prophets like Amos & MLK. Also enjoyed this:


to map it

is to remember to Be

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I'm glad you enjoyed Tony!


I hard the last 10 of the speech @ the UU church: http://youtu.be/HRIF4_WzU1w?t=16m43s, I think the tepid response is because we haven't heard this in awhile (I haven't). Interestingly the tape that was played @ church really made you feel like you were there- Maybe recorded from the podium (?) and the crowd sounds were muted @ a distance except for the divine Yes! that was the inspiration of this piece.


Many Thanks Tony- I enjoyed writing this and have had some fantastic responses in other places, as always I deeply appreciate the read...;-)



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Have spent countless hours observing heavenly bodies through a sextant's lens. For me, your words celebrate the celestial level of our cultural heroes. Sad that we don't seem able to hold onto their philosophies for more than a generation. Thank you.

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Hi Dr. Con... I too like what Marti high-lighted for both quotes speak volumes of what you are suggesting here. This really resonates with me well and this line says it all...


"to map it

is to remember to Be"


above remark is one of the better original lines I have read in awhile and come across on the amateur poetry boards. Excellent stuff and this really does emphasize MLK speech this line below....


"To see Unknowingly



That line really reminded me of MLK's 'I have a Dream' speech as the way you ending you brilliant work using a quote from MLK using this oracle device in speech that right now offhand I can't recall oddly...


Really Really enjoyed.... Thank-You for sharing...



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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