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Poetry Magnum Opus

Robin' That's Rich

Frank E Gibbard

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Frank E Gibbard

(tongue firmly in ye cheek)


It was a time of derring-do if Robin Hood you do
what Robin Hood will do. Robbing ye rich, give to
the poor. Bring down that Sheriff, that’s for sure.
Sherwood Forest was his manor the hood of them
days where he would plan the latest heist beyond
the Law but in the name of Christ. Gang chaplain
Friar Tuck dignified the outlaws, this merry bunch:
while there’s hock to sustain plus meats to munch
lived lustily - true to his habit - always out to lunch.
Rob gave up some, but not too much, made Marian
keep in regular touch, they exchanged love’s tokens
and such around the bush .. mm maybe an analogy
one shouldn’t push. Things more innocent then, like
Popes, straight as their arrows, so God be praised!

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and such around the bush .. mm maybe an analogy
one shouldn’t push.


Sneaky, but not subtle. Or is that subtle, but not sneaky. ;)


Very tongue in cheek. Yes, those straight and upright medieval popes.....there may have been some.

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Amusing slant Frank. Reminds me of the droll humour of "Alternative History" and poems by Marriott Edgar, popularised as monologues.

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