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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Breaking Apart


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The Breaking Apart


Intimate confusions

The Future by its own being

lacks a syntax avoids grammars


Intentions abound

A Rose by its nature

blooms and pricks

biological imperatives

generates and destroys


Into Romance

comes the Rogue Narrative

buckling and unbuckling


Itinerant swashes

charting the uncharted

pirating definitions where

none should be found


Incomprehensible Adventures!

The Ocean tamed

Stories and their Endings

unfurled beneath

The Company flag:

‘Ever After’


Irrepressible we grab

with all our hearts

forgetting Narratives

are liars

Masters of disguise

cloaking the Now

in silk scarves

agreed upon Fictions


Irksome and Impish

The World prevails

campaigns mostly

glorious dashed

breaking apart

undeniable rocks

ship no more

simple seed

for future corals


Impermanence absolute

a heart’s break

just ecstatic reminder

of a nameless tale

never to be untold.

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Never to be untold


Not even a "Not be told", but the "untold".....almost prophetic. For something avant-garde, I kinda liked this. ;)


agreed upon Fictions


Exposing the sad, human condition.

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Doc, as always, your work requires careful study, I always knowing I have missed something but taking pleasure in what I think I understand. Nothing wasted here, and the final stanza captivates.


"a nameless tale


never to be untold."



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Thanks! I went to a youth UU con last weekend- I'm a youth advisor at the local church and the them was the arts (specifically music- They called it Conchella) And I took a creative writing workshop offered by a great 16 year old. The 'prompt' I chose was "She was heartbroken." I of course, Dr. Conned it, but this after some editing was that piece.


Thanks again for the reviews!




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Tony, as always I deeply appreciate your unique views and that, indeed is deeply humorous and probably an unknowing influence on the final poem!




Many Thanks!



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