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Poetry Magnum Opus

Oysters & Artichokes


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Oysters & Artichokes


Any Romantic

worthy of the name

must be obliged

by their initiatory office

held to hate with

a certain passion

the nightmare

collusion of

Capital and the

Trobador invention

of Love as part

and parcel

of the privilege

accorded to

Landowner lust

whose uses include:

Subjectification of intimacy

Profiting from biological bias

and a mobius mesh colander

of mores and sensibilities

roughly chopping

pleasure’s distillates

into coky coals

burned for the

infernal engines

of commerce


I’m just saying its hard to like Valentine’s Day


But when you say

I tried many things

for the first time

when i met you


It is the greatest gift

this willingness to refine

possibilities to stretch definitions

to grudgingly release attachments

and embrace the underlying

deep opalescent humanity

of Great Love not obfuscated

boxes of chocolates

poor vulvate sigils

or codified exchanges

between owner and owned

monetized miracles


but rather the simple sharing

of artichokes and oysters

glyphs of our Infinite Heart.


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Sigil and glyph.....can't go wrong with them! Nice.


"The nightmare collusion".....very strong. "To stretch definitions".....even stronger. I don't know of two other objects bedsides artichokes and oysters that would be better.


Of course,this is a timely ode to this advertising-filled holiday. Not grouchy, but practical.

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I’m just saying its hard to like Valentine’s Day



I love the sudden interjection of this line!

Drown your sorrows in drink, by all means, but the real sorrows can swim

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Thanks! Yes, bren I'm glad it worked for you, I laughed when I wrote that line- so I'm very happy it works for others. Thanks to you both for indulging me!



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Lots of great lines to assimilate with wry smiles. Particularly liked the last stanza.. also ... "The nightmare collusion of Capital etc." and "Profiting from biological bias"...Conjures with my thoughts of battery hens conditioned to feed whenever the lights are systematically switched on. :smile:

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What appropriate thoughts as this holiday approaches. Heavy phrases as well that synched with the tone of the speaker.

"Words are not things, and yet they are not non-things either." - Ann Lauterbach

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Thank you Geoff and JJ for reading and commenting! I appreciate the feedback and I The battery cage image is just brilliant! ;-)





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I love how it comes full circle from cynical to romantic (in the classic sense). I agree with Brendan's remark. The placement of that line is relieving and, thus, mandatory!



Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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