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Poetry Magnum Opus

To the Shrine


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To The Shrine

jezebel took me there
to the shrine
with a head dress of gold and henna tattoos upon her face
she led me into the holiness
dancing with her erotic bronzed hips between lotus flowers
leading me past shiva and krishna and jesus and buddha
introducing me to gaia and allah and venus and zeus

and aphrodite embraced us tenderly
leading us to the alter of bleeding sacrifices
where hearts and flowers and spices
were thrown into a chalice of salvation for the longing souls of man

i prayed to all of the gods and the goddesses
begging them to overlook the transgressions of our religiosity
of our religious age
and then i danced with nanook
twirling below the sun of ra
and we chanted to the universal ones
save us from this
save us from this confusion

and the fires roared
and michael and gabriel and uriel and raphael
came to comfort me
hades and eros danced together upon sacred ground
and then there was a beautiful silence
a holy lack of sound

and the guardians of the faithful
incorrectly christened and worshipped
chastised themselves with briars
desiring their humility and subservience to be
seen clearly
and the congregation cut the throats of bulls and birds and danced until their eyes
rolled back into their heads

and the water nymphs came
and the sirens
whispering watery songs from the seas and streams into our dry souls
and our energies merged and became whole
and i felt the blessed incantation rushing into my core
the gods of the amazon were also there
and the spirits of the volcanoes
and the islands
and there was gold and silver and rain and mud
the many faces of our beloved god

and our forgotten goddess
appeared in resplendence framed by
stars and crystals
we heard the songs of the blameless
and we worshipped
not knowing where to look next
together in the shrine
before the anointed prophets

and flowers opened
and children were born
and bombs exploded
and humanity was left forlorn
whiteness and humility
thrown upon the floor
and a mantra of healing was sung
"learn to love yourself we implore!"

then came the artists and poets and philosophers
the intellectuals
the soothsayers
and the knowledge, creativity and searching of man was revealed
amid the vaulted architecture and the grandeur

and a loud scream was heard
our collective voice
rising up to heaven
to our eternal resting place
the dimension of light

and the souls of the destroyers and the wicked
writhed in bondage upon the earth
bound by their sanctimonious curses
that bruised and contaminated the offerings
offered within the shrine

and mother nature recoiled
forced to reject these blinded children
forced to destroy their crude, tumultuous creations

and the energy of our planet
manifested itself in glorious light
showing us all that without tolerance wisdom and understanding
we shall never be whole

oh unseeing people
at war with yourselves
you irreverent creations
who bicker and delve
into things that were not meant for you to dissect
open your eyes and see that the infinite mystery
has not
cannot yet be revealed

to the shrine i was led
the shrine that holds the secrets of the ages past and yet to come
to the shrine
we must all go back to the shrine

it holds all of the mysteries we seek
if we seek them in silence
and with reverence

To receive love, you have to give it...

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begging them to overlook the transgressions of our religiosity


You said it all, AND with all 4 archangels. Nice! ;)


This is obviously a very impassioned poem.

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Thank you very much - your comments are always so positive and encouraging.

To receive love, you have to give it...

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