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Poetry Magnum Opus

To Know and Keep Silence (Thin Skin)


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To Know and Keep Silence


Enlightenment is when

the intellect gets stuck

in the quiet Swami

said and I agree not


in the way you think

because we are poets

after-all rhymes with

After the Fall and we

have thin skin either


by breeding or nature

or in my case violations

by Earth Fire Ice Metal

Air disguised as words

before ill nurtured breath


The ground broke bones

embers scarred skins

knives cut digits and

the Water that feeds

muscle and nerves


propels fists afraid

of my difference

my epidermis

of Other


And we wouldn’t have it

any-other way We feel

they are not worthy of

giving us love And we

build armour to suit us

with words to cover the


Silence and practice

magics of some disrepute

defending our transubstated

grimoires curses and hexes

As proper grammar spelling


and syntax Straw Men

guarding our shores

from the roaring inefable




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Great message and great work on letting the reader create his private beginning and ending of sentences and thoughts. Yes, we all have different inherences of epidermis. Enjoyed muchly. (Yes, I know that's not a word, but now it is. ;)

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Agree with Frank about the fluidity of the sentences from lack of punctuation. Inventive.


Especially liked:


grimoires curses and hexes



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You have a knack of prompting the readers mien; it leads me to think of the way that euphemism is used to disguise harsh realities by the skilful orator/ operator. But that's just me.... :biggrin: G.

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When Dr. Con sets up "syntax Straw Men" it's not to distract us; he wants us to look deeper. "And we woudn't have it/any-other way."




Tony :smile:



PS - Particularly notable: my epidermis/of Other

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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