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Poetry Magnum Opus



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as trumpets

spew and the poor die.. pressed

into battles not of their making..

become simply.. the dead.. an abstraction.. and you

can make them mean anything you want

them to mean.. from the somme

to ukraine


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Succinct and to the point. Korea=history lesson; Vietnam=forced killers; Iraq=lies; Afghanistan=bluff called. Syria? Egypt? Iran? Libya? All wars are political and a result of nations acting like children with chips on their shoulders. No, it's not that simple, but it's the history our children will learn. Or not. Meanwhile, we will likely continue to feed the maw of the gristmill in the name of patriotism. Only the grist are patriotic, and perhaps that has some importance, such as "Into the valley of death..."

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Loved the Somme reference; too few WW1 alllusions.....it needs to be remembered as well. I have heard it said that our modern conflicts are just chapters in the book called "World War One".


"An abstraction": insightful. All of these people, on both sides, on both shores, on every point along the spectrum, have been "quantified" into "statistics" instead of "qualified" into "the family of man". And we know who the bookkeepers are. They need to be given gold watches & retired.


Of course, I saw the syllabic structure and I like it. It says exactly what is means, with no more no less wording.

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From a pastiche of historical allusion... rises a thought that trust has to start somewhere; before anything can be believed genuine, we need to trust what we are told. From the philosophical ...to tangible things like works of art. Or live in Orwellian nightmares. G

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