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Poetry Magnum Opus

Something Told Me It Is Not To Late To Ask

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

Something Told Me It Is Not To Late To Ask

My sypathetic words don't express
my lack of foresight sometimes
in this crazy world we call home.

I wish I could go back in time and wave
a magic wand over the hands of time
and relive the moment I missed the mark.

It was on that special remembered day
that I was suppose to express
how I truly feel for you.

You see all the romance that birds sing when dawn appears
during every morning sunrise still couldn't explain
how much you capture my heart like these birds chirping away.

Every move you make is heavenly poetry for me to gaze upon.
The words you speak are divine coming from your heart and thoughts.
After all of this accept my apology because I believe you are special.

When the river freezes over and the wind stops blowing
this must be a mystical sign from above to let me realize
that it is not to late in words to let you know we belong.

This is all I can ask and I promise to make the sparks last
so we can gently touch and embrace like the sun shines in the sky.
You see everyday you are truly the only Valentine I want to be with.





A/ N:

This was done for a poetry contest on another forum. The rules were it had to be about Valentine's Day after the day passed and your significant other was not happy about the fact that you forgot him or her. You could not use any form of the word 'LOVE' in the write and no rhyming at the end of each line progressively. I think I did fairly well, but got no remarks on the piece because I entered it about 20 minutes before the contest ended Sunday night/ Monday morning at 12:00 am. I think I did a bang up job on the piece. Sorry I have been a stranger to the forum, but I write my poems and copy and paste em. And, Internet Explorer has been acting up ever since they moved from web browser 9 and now I am using web browser 11 of Internet explorer. I was able to copy and paste this using Google Chrome and I had no problem copying and pasting the piece. So I might post several pieces over the next several days, but I promise to comment on at least 3 pieces for everyone that I post here on Poetry Magnum Opus. Missed you guys and I really miss Rhyme Guy, AlekSandra, Goldenlanger, PawnShop, and a few others that I haven't seen post in over 3 years. I love all you guys.

Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Stringent rule: You could not use any form of the word 'LOVE'.....


i think you more than complied there!


Very fluid and easy piece, like natural conversation.

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Lash, your work always impresses me as heartfelt. What could be a better valentine? Enjoyed.

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