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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day Residue


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Day Residue


For years

I believed a dream

more than a reality


The Girl Guides gathered

singing old Latvian songs

I was just a baby getting

twigs to feed the fire I


slipped O I slipped

to feed the fire

That’s how I burned


Not the memoryless

curiosity of embers

the burning stump

the getting Dad

for dinner


The trauma they suffered

until the intervention of death

or dementia never was mine

I believed a dream of slipping


Beneath an active Volcano

wrapped in Coati and Monkeys

and birds of every color I had

a dream of you not you but you


And the fire that killed a village

is a distant memory as old as I

And like me the Mountain has

at least tripled in size since


And maybe just maybe

it dreams of feeding a fire

slipping and tumbling thinking

its true like we all do until

one day someone like you

shakes us and says


Wake up!

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Larsen M. Callirhoe

this is remarkably penned. I enjoyed the expressive imagery, I find it neat how you experienced all this and wrote such beautiful poetry based off of real life, life events. enjoyed....



Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Amazing how the mind preserves and relates things from childhood; then the adult looks through them like a prism of association unique to each individual. I like the way the imagery rolls forward to the buffer call of "Wake up!" Enjoyed G.

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In my experience, memories change by becoming more meaningful as we see them in another light. Enjoyed the images and the connectivity of the stanzas. Great introspective piece.

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Frank E Gibbard

Hello Doc, residue of memories and analysis of distorted vestiges through time's carnival mirror i perceive. Without a full exegesis as is my wont. I think more grounded for simple types as am I a much deserved accolade for this sir is due. Sure to return too to plumb fully; Frank

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