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Poetry Magnum Opus

Cold Love


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Cold Love

the water
the water
cool upon my face
like your cold hands
caressing me
leaving lingering finger traces

your frozen love is so pure
and clean
cold passion that preserves my heart
a freeze bringing together
shimmering pieces once pulled far apart

from mist to water
from water to ice
the frosts of your adoration
descend from the skies
leaving me as soft and sensuous
as driven snow

this is the beautiful coldness
that i love to know

To receive love, you have to give it...

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Personally, I even dislike PHOTOGRAPHS of snow, but you have -- somewhat, haha-- redeemed those vile white flakes with this:


the frosts of your adoration
descend from the skies


Really pretty. Not sure I have ever seen a metaphor quite like it.....Or allusion, but methinks it am a metaphor.

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