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Poetry Magnum Opus

"So you want to be a writer ... " (Guardian article)


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To start this conversation I must admit I do not have formal training in writing. It is an unpolished privilege that I feel, comes natural to me. My dad was gifted to be a yarnspinner. He could make many a listener believe him even if it was in Jest. He was endowed with believable, nonsensical gab when time and place would permit it. Never were any of his tales meant to hurt or to be demeaning to any individual.

I read all of contributing authors remarks to, “So You Want To Be A Writer.” It's amazing how some similar methods to create are already used by me when I write. A difference which none have admitted to, nor maybe felt no one would believe them if they had mentioned it, is... I never plan a story or poem. I have no idea where it will begin or how it will end.

You see... this may sound even more strange; I have a ghost writer, who I know as Ar-Jay, and also an imaginary friend named Rube. At times, when I sit to write, one or the other will make itself mysteriously available, depending if I’m in a serious mood or nonsensical mood. When a writing reaches its climatic finish, I of course, am the one who has to critique the written work, making it compact or at least plausible.

I’ve been writing seriously since 1989. One documented, fictional ballad is still what may be termed a W.I.P. (Work In Progress). So far there are 22 or so chapters written. For many reasons the poem has been shelved, then reopened, so more can be added or subtracted, depending on my need to hone it. Documented fiction requires much reading on subject matter which is important to the basis of the story it tells.

My final thoughts concerning “So You Want To Be A Writer” is not that I want to be a writer, but I have a strong desire to put to word, a variation of subject matter, that course my thoughts at times, which I think can be enjoyable to read by others.


copyright 2015

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